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Date of birth : 1997
Place of birth : between Paris et New York
elm = Elodie Ozanne (voice, cello, organs &more) + Manuel Bienvenu (piano, organs, guitars &more)

Elodie has been living in New York for 9 years, Manuel lives in Paris. The duo gathers at each meeting to play and compose a fresh and inventive music available on original albums. The latest one, sunny scenics (telescopic, popcornlab / poplane), is acclaimed by the french press.

Musical family : strong influences do not imply musical similarity. Robert Wyatt, Mark Hollis, Dominique A or Carla Bley. elm has also be compared to Autour de Lucie , Lali puna , the young marble giants , Holden, etc.


-- album    

about time to leave (le bruit des autres portes ): (own-produced), Tape, 1997.
elm (popcornprod/popcornlab), CD, 1998
sunny scenics , CD, 2002 (télescopic, popcornlab / poplane)

-- compilation

made in Normandie , (c2r), 2000
paroles données , mai 2001
Tribute to Cure , (mudahpeach), mai 2001
Tranches d'Europe Express (trianon transatlantique), 2002
Agnès b. (Agnès b. / les femmes s'en mèlent)

on stage

3 to 5 musicians multi-instrumentalists. instruments including drums, guitars, cello, various vintage organs, electric piano, bass clarinet, sax, bassoon & sometimes more.

elm has played on stage with Cat power, Shannon Wright, Tahiti 80, Elysian Fields, Clearlake, the little rabbits, etc.


miniature pop-music, biting and fragile. Fascinating...
New Comer n°34 (dec 2002)

elastic-tensed pop-music.
Liberation (nov 2002)

The ten frames of « sunny scenics » are like the passing of time-zones in the immense quietness of a long distance aircraft, in business class.

Abus Dangereux (janv 2003)

Dreamy pop, falsely naïve lullabies, very judiciously arranged. Recalling « Autour de Lucie » for the voice or « Philippe Katerine »  for the atmosphere, elm pulls even further the borders of the most richly inspired french-pop by enriching it with inventive and innovative instrumentations. A value for the future.
Rock Sound  (janv 2003)

Their delicate and deadpan pop, whispered by Elodie O with a charming french accent could take the warmest place on our shelves.

Rolling Stone (dec 2002)

Narrating a spleen for a lover's time decline, these tightrope walkers of the sound swirl on silky arrangements and an evocative minimalism. The ambiant electonica is balanced by a refined pop. Elm is the most sensual by word of mouth of this year.

Courants (dec 2002)

Miraculous formal balance, false acoustic purity, true charm of a refined pop.
Magic (dec 2002)

elm's second album is an amazing shelter of softness and magic.

Popingays (dec 2002)

An original personality relaying on the accuracy of the words and sounds. Elm plays with ease the minimalist card.

Longueur d'ondes (janv 2003)

Elm is the album of a french duo with a female's voice. Pleasurable light and melodic songs. Highly recommented !
Arch Records (Nagoya / Japon)

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